This weekend has passed by so quickly.
I had Friday off and it is already Saturday, evening. 
I stayed in bed almost all Friday just because I could. 
Thursday I had my first class with the Lumberjack.
The Lumberjack is a student-run paper but it is available in more cities around Arcata.
It is about local news, not only what happens at HSU.
I will be writing and reporting for it now on a weekly basis - which feels superexciting!
My first piece is going to be an opinion column. 
We also had an international meeting and got to try loads of food
What is funny is that I am the first one from Sweden here at Humboldt now.
So now they will hang one of the Swedish flags among all the other flags they have of countries that have attended HSU
Thursday night we went out to a really nice little place - Blondies
And apart from that, the weekend has just sailed away. I have not done much today, this Saturday apart from clean. 
So now our flat looks amazing and I have almost watched Bron for the 7th time in two years. 
I am finding so much happiness and so much of myself here in Humboldt.
I love my flatmates, I love the area, I love my syllabus. 
There was a lot for me to find in getting a change of environment and I am doing small little things for myself, like enjoying coffee outside in the morning while listening to music, and just... 
Enjoying life.
I have so much energy and I feel like every day is a new day to get fresh air, exercise and new experiences.
I want to walk up and down these godforsaken hills we have here and I want to challenge myself.
My new schedule is pretty fierce.
Been out doing minor interviews today, vox pops, and it feels good to get back into the journalism game again.
Probably the best news, and also why I am so excited right now, is that I can join the university radio station KRFH.
I am intending to enroll in another class, so that once a week I get to host my own radio show. 
I get to talk about anything, interview people and play music - and also try not to crap my pants for an entire hour. 
Extreme journalism.
I think the most promising thing here is also how excited I got about it.
This is something I want to do. 
I will wrote more about it when it is actually a more certain thing rather than an abstract.
But there will be some serious challenges this semester.
I will definitely be going outside my comfort zone more than a few times and I cannot think of any better way to learn than like this.
My lecturers, professors and teachers are so cool.
They are as excited as I am about everything and they really want us to learn things.
They want to teach us everything they can.
They want to let us freely develop and for them to guide us on the way.
All in all. I have been here in Arcata now 9 days, going on to 10 tomorrow and it is good.
Really good.
Like... Awesomely good. 
Anyways, if you want to check out the radiostation and listen to some of the other students then go in here:
And stay tuned for what else I am getting up to!
Lots of love 
The wifi has been out this entire day on all of campus and yes this is relevant but I wanted to mention it now first 
My classes started yesterday.
It felt kinda weird to be going to uni again.
Weird, in the way that I am not a freshman but I do not know anything about this campus or the modules I will be taking or my classmates.
American universities and the way you get to choose your classes is also kinda weird, but in a good way. 
I have had to drop two classes because they are not challenging enough.
Still waiting to get the permission code to one of them so I can actually enroll in the class.
So what I am going to read this semester is the following:
Advanced Reporting
Media Ethics
Public Relations
Radio News Workshop
Multimedia News Workshop
I will tell you more about it when I get a feel for what we are going to do during the classes.
Today I only had Media Ethics and finished around 11-12.
Came home, did laundry, helped Laura with some room cleaning and then I had loads of things I had written down and intended to do.
None of these were possible since the wifi was down on all of campus (see there we go, back on track)
So, what did this productive little lady do instead?
I took a nap.
A three hour nap. 
Post-nap feels
Also, yesterday I cooked the fresh lingcod which we got from Alyssa's dad when we went hiking - will post more about that.
Me, Laura and Tara had a nice little flatmate dinner with fresh fish to celebrate that uni started.
Lightly-breaded lingcod with a creamy lemon-sauce and mashed potatoes.
I am enjoying my time here in Arcata a lot, is all I can say really.