Update from a couch in San Francisco

Some time on Thursday night Laura started talking about going on a roadtrip somewhere.
Friday evening at 6pm we all set off for San Francisco.
5 hour drive to Lauras friend who we are all crashing at.

It was a pretty eventful evening last night. First the long drive, with the added detail that we drifted with the car a bit and hit a concrete wall on the highway.
I am pretty surprised the car stayed on the road, but it did. 
The side of it is badly scratched but we were all ok.

Then when the 8 of us arrives at Laura's friend, he was not actually expecting us. Laura had said that we were coming but through some miss he did not think we actually would come.
A bit surprised to say the least when he had to host 8 random people in his house

We are gonna have a great weekend here in San Francisco - I only have to finish my opinion column and then I will feel completely stress-free 
Yesterday (or maybe a day earlier than that) me and Laura went on a little adventure through Arcata looking at all the shops in the Plaza.
We started off with a well-rounded breakfast.
Waffles with caramel-waffle ice cream and sugarfree syrap (to obviously keep it healthy)
I love the stores here, everything is so unique and special and the people are amazing.
All stores are very down to earth, spiritual and individually owned
If you want to know what Arcata and Humboldt mentality is like - and I am not even kidding when I say that this applies to people, students, shopkeepers, teachers, everyone - then these two following pictures just speaks 1000 words each. 
And I love it
We went into a cute bookstore
The smell of all the books was amazing in there
We also went into the cutest little bath-store where they sold handmade soaps and lotions
You could choose what scent you wanted in anything, choose a regular lotion dependant on your skin or what you want it for (face, body, etc.) and then they had 50 different scents that you could mix together and get the scent you wanted.
2 dollars for a bar of home-made, hand-made soap. Ehh.. Yeah, of course I am gonna get three.
These smell so good that I wish I could upload a scent sample
After that we went into a beadstore which was celebrating 25 years on that exact day.
They did not have a sign about it, I just happened to ask.
I am currently in the biz of making dreamcatchers (don't ask me why) so I went crazy on the beads in here
I bought a cute little mix of rocks, crystals and seashells for my dreamcatchers.
So cheap as well and feels good to be supporting local stores rather than ordering things online. 
Arcata is so beautiful, yet a bit small and I bore so extremely easily.
Hopefully my social life here will kickstart a bit more with regular things to do as well as the more uni gets going the busier I will be.