We went to a place called Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park to see some of the famous tall trees
At 1pm we left with the bus and headed off to the woods.
I brought my big camera with me, but as soon as I arrived I realised I had forgot my memory card at home in my flat. 
Luckily enough, with a bit of strategy - we managed to solve it.
One girl had an SD card adapter, so basically the shape that needs to go into the camera - but without the memory. And another girl gave me her phone memory, so I put them together and got a fully working card for my camera.
I played around a lot with settings in the forest, so none are edited so far - but some have some interesting lighting options and may look a bit weird.
Anyways, it was a brilliant trail and such a nice mini-hike to go on. 
Sometimes when lightning hits these trees they just burn from the inside, but the outside bark protects the trees and keeps them alive even after being burnt. 
This leaves them hollow and great for pictures like the ones below. 

This is what it looks like on the inside (really bad picture) but as you can see it is completely burnt. 

This is the Big Tree and basically the route we were taking, with all the international students posing by it.
It is a really big tree, I do not think you really get how big it is just from the picture - but when looking right at it you realise how big they get.
This one is about 1500 years old.
It is not the biggest tree however, not in the world and not even in that park.
They want to keep some of the biggest ones more hidden and secret so that they get to be safe. 
Either way, I can really say I enjoyed my little journey into the redwoods yesterday.
The first of many. 
Oh what a day. 
I have now arrived in Arcata and I feel amazing! 
Today has passed by so incredibly quickly and I am right now in my bed, dead tired, freshly showered, drinking my decaffeinated Earl Grey tea I accidentally bought and munching on some Americone Dream Ben & Jerry's.
My covers are so insanely comfortable that I am falling asleep already.
The flight to Arcata went fast, but I had this steady feeling of nervousness - especially when landing.
I think it was just the entire concept of finally being here.
At the airport I was picked up by a girl named Courtney, who was picking up all the International Students at the airport. I was the only one she had to pick up, so we headed off to Humboldt State University and got me sorted with my  and everything. 
 My cards and keys and a little bag I got from the university
And this is the house where I live in
The second floor is our floor
The outside of my door - I am here known as Linda given that it is my first name in my passport and so on 
I also got the cutest little survival kit with noodles and candy
And this is my room! 
Woop woop
After introducing me to my apartment, Courtney was kind enough to take me to the foodstore so I could do some basic grocery shopping.
This is always as entertaining for me, to walk around in American food stores, and I seemed to entertain Courtney as well with all my remarks and "wows" and "whats" about the selection of products available.
Which one would you choose if you could pick? 
The results were very positive. 
Courtney took me not only to the foodstore, but also to another place so I could get plates and I got to see her house. She told me there were skunks in the backyard, and I thought she meant she had them as pets.
But no, they were wild little trespassers who would try to spray me if I approached them. 
She even gave me cutlery and pans to borrow for my stay here, and not just one or two but an entire bag full.
I can definitely say I am sorted.
When we came back one of my flatmates had moved in, Laura.
She is 18 and from Los Angeles beginning her first year here at HSU.
She had come over with her parents and we have been hanging out all afternoon, unpacking and so on.
Her mom cooked us Mexican for dinner and it was absolutely amazing! So much flavour and ah. 
Really really tasty. 
I think I still have a bit of jet-lag and also I slept so poorly last night that I am absolutely shattered right now. Wah.
Definitely gonna need this sleep which I feel is approaching.
A couple of guys from upstairs came and said hello earlier on in the evening and they are gonna come tomorrow and pick me up before 1pm for our International Orientation around the campus area and so on. 
Gonna be so much fun to look around.
The nature here is incredible. 
Anyways, I hope you enjoyed the first little peak of Arcata. 
I can definitely say that I did.
Goodmorning you guys
I was so tired yesterday I fell asleep before managing to make a blogpost. 
The lighting is a bit off in some of the pictures, they are all unedited from my phone. 
So do not expect too much. Still nice, so do not stop reading halfway ;)
Castro was absolutely amazing, I strolled around for two hours there and up 17th street before going down to Height and Golden Gate Park.
17th street is very uphill. It took me around 30 minutes to walk to the top. 
It might not look like much, but IT WAS OKAY???
I promise it is a lot more challenging and gets your heart pumping.
It was totally worth it though. 
I absolutely loved Heigh Street - no surpise.
It is this big street just filled with hippie stores and alternative lifestyles. 
This place was amazing. 
I am considering going back there today.
Furthest back in the room they had a meditation room where you could not bring your camera or phone or anything. It was like a big tent with loads of pillows and mats inside. So peaceful. 
I continued after this down to Golden Gate Park and went to the Conservatory and looked at flowers
I walked for several hours, from around 12 to 4.30.
This part of San Francisco was so beautiful that it left me with some kind of void inside.
It was a strange feeling to walk around alone for so long and be so happy.
I had my headphones in for most of the time and listened to podcasts and music, and it was such a great day. 
I think I needed that time alone doing something active and discovering new things.
Travelling, again, I guess. 
After Golden Gate Park I started walking towards Golden Gate Bridge, but looking at the map and how much my feet hurt I decided to take a bus. 
I was surprised by the lack of people at Golden Gate - I got such a good spot where I sat and listened to music and felt the breeze over my (sweaty) body and just breathed for a good couple of minutes.
Panorama view 
I could see Alcatraz quite well from where I was, although my phone did not really.
I will not be going there this time, it was completely fully booked in all of August.
My parents are coming in October so maybe I will head over then. 
After Golden Gate it was past 5.30 pm and since I had been out and on my feet since 10 I started feeling very tired.
I went back to the hostel and began chill-mode. 
I realised though that I was gonna fall asleep before 7pm if I stayed in bed, so very very very reluctantly I got up and suggested to go for dinner with my roommates.
I brought them back to the diner from yesterday, given that it was their last night in San Fran and that they had not been there before.
One of the girls was from Sweden and the other from Hong Kong.
She actually had friends in Tianjin and we discussed the accident. She also told us of the latest news of the fires and evacuation through her friends living there before any other news source got a hold of it. Read about it this morning when I woke up. 
I had meatloaf and we shared a strawberry milkshake.
Split on three we still could not finish it, left around half - and I do not understand how anyone can have an entire one to themselves.
Now after a brilliant night's sleep I am gonna get breakfast from Walgreens.
Craving yoghurt and coffee.
Then I am heading out for more adventures. 
Lots of love and thanks for reading :)