Right now I am almost too tired to type
It is soon 9.30 pm here in San Francisco and I have been up for almost 24 hours 
This day has been eventful, like promised I will entertain you - if not with my brilliance then with my misfortune.
I arrived in central San Francisco after taking the train from the airport.
When I went to the hostel I realised my VISA card was no longer with me.
With all probability it has been pickpocketed away from me - which I am actually really impressed given how tight my shorts are (I hardly fit them, how does a hand get inside my pockets?)
Again - cortisol. 
And almost tears.
But we have some heroes in this story.
My parents - who woke up at 3am to help me out and call the bank and everything to block the card
Kai - who after I found my Barclays card transferred me money straight away, and pretty much saved the upcoming three days
If I would not have had my Barclays card (My scottish visa card) there would have been significantly more frustration from my side.
After solving all my problems and cooling off in the shower I went for dinner at a really cool diner.
I met some really nice guys from Israel, who sat at the table next to me and started chatting with me when I sat down.
Funny thing was that they had just left the same hostel I checked into, because they were going back home to Israel again. 
The food and atmosphere was absolutely ace.
They had the really authentic milkshakes and some awesome looking pancakes which I am dying to try
I might go back there tomorrow for a sugary calorie bomb
Man, I am going to gain weight......
I chose some comfort food for dinner. 
Spinach lasagna which tasted so good.
It felt like eating a hug and the invisible tears were immediately dried out.
Now I just got back to the hostel and I am gonna crash-land in my bed.
Tomorrow I am changing hostels, and the guys I dined with gave me a map with loads of places they marked for me which I should check out.
To end this post - I have to show you this lovely fellow I stumbled across today. 
In San Francisco, this is not even strange. 


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