Update from a couch in San Francisco

Some time on Thursday night Laura started talking about going on a roadtrip somewhere.
Friday evening at 6pm we all set off for San Francisco.
5 hour drive to Lauras friend who we are all crashing at.

It was a pretty eventful evening last night. First the long drive, with the added detail that we drifted with the car a bit and hit a concrete wall on the highway.
I am pretty surprised the car stayed on the road, but it did. 
The side of it is badly scratched but we were all ok.

Then when the 8 of us arrives at Laura's friend, he was not actually expecting us. Laura had said that we were coming but through some miss he did not think we actually would come.
A bit surprised to say the least when he had to host 8 random people in his house

We are gonna have a great weekend here in San Francisco - I only have to finish my opinion column and then I will feel completely stress-free 


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