The wifi has been out this entire day on all of campus and yes this is relevant but I wanted to mention it now first 
My classes started yesterday.
It felt kinda weird to be going to uni again.
Weird, in the way that I am not a freshman but I do not know anything about this campus or the modules I will be taking or my classmates.
American universities and the way you get to choose your classes is also kinda weird, but in a good way. 
I have had to drop two classes because they are not challenging enough.
Still waiting to get the permission code to one of them so I can actually enroll in the class.
So what I am going to read this semester is the following:
Advanced Reporting
Media Ethics
Public Relations
Radio News Workshop
Multimedia News Workshop
I will tell you more about it when I get a feel for what we are going to do during the classes.
Today I only had Media Ethics and finished around 11-12.
Came home, did laundry, helped Laura with some room cleaning and then I had loads of things I had written down and intended to do.
None of these were possible since the wifi was down on all of campus (see there we go, back on track)
So, what did this productive little lady do instead?
I took a nap.
A three hour nap. 
Post-nap feels
Also, yesterday I cooked the fresh lingcod which we got from Alyssa's dad when we went hiking - will post more about that.
Me, Laura and Tara had a nice little flatmate dinner with fresh fish to celebrate that uni started.
Lightly-breaded lingcod with a creamy lemon-sauce and mashed potatoes.
I am enjoying my time here in Arcata a lot, is all I can say really. 


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