Spending my first day out in sunny San Francisco!

When I woke up I went to the kitchen downstairs and made pancakes with some of the other travellers.
Everybody is so insanely friendly. 
You enter a room and people just want to know everything about you.
I even had an older man ask me for my email so he could send me some contacts for the Washington Times after he found out I am studying journalism. 

After some blueberry pancakes with coffee-flavoured water (yuck) I changed hostels to the one I am staying at for the next two nights.

My exploring of San Francisco started with a browse through walgreens and I am just amazed by everything there is. 
I am going to get so fat.....
The B&J flavours are amazing and they have chips I have never seen before and all kinds of juices and sodas and candies that seem exciting. 

I continued to just walk down any random street I felt like, heading sort of in the direction to the main square but not taking the big streets there.
San Francisco is quite rough.
A lot of people sleeping everywhere and people who seem a bit out of it who rumble around and talk to themselves or rummage through garbage.
An insane amount of cat-calling.
So many groups of guys who just call after you - "hey baby", "hey sexy" "whatsup mama"
It makes me quite uncomfortable.

Also people more on the crazy-hobo side of the spectrum keep coming up and talking to me and I don't know how to just say no. 
I like San Francisco a lot, the city appeals to me, but unfortunately I am realising that I am not a city girl yet. 
They can smell small town chick on me. Like a lamb amongst wolves.
I remain confident that I will conquer this city though ;) 

Anyways after walking around for a bit and being quite hassled I resorted to plugging in my headphones, listening to some music while walking around.
Got to be a lot more at peace then

I then took the tram down to Castro, the gay area of San Francisco and I am currently having lunch at a really cute café, listening to a radiolab podcast.
This chicken-bacon ranch wrap is fyi the best wrap I have had in my entire life


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