If I was a newsday then today I would have been slow.

I have been like the weather, kinda cloudy.
The day has passed by quickly without much happening.
Our main event was that we were heading to Target. 
We went there at 2 only to find out they changed the schedule to an hour later instead.
While waiting we went to one of the fresher fairs by the main entrance, where the non-international students had begun to arrive.
We got some free bags and cookies, which were so incredibly soft and chewy, and we took some Humboldt proud photos. 

Target was a good place to get a lot of stuff which you may need.
Unfortunately I am still on the low-side when it comes to cash, so I had to restrict myself to only buying the bare necessities. 
This pillow was one of them - 14 dollars and completely worth it.
I will take some pictures of it later

Once we came home we went to a meeting which promised us free tshirts.
We got some cute blue ones which says Creekview, the name of the area we live at.

This is Tara with some blackberries which she and Laura picked out in the woods
They were really nice, a bit sour but so fresh.

On our way to the meeting
I love the nature here
Tomorrow will be a more interesting blogday, we are heading out in the woods and I think we will see quite a few animals native to here
Looking forward to it! 


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