So our Saturday started off a bit sleepy.
Me and Tara were chilling and watching Bron, a TV-series from back home.
We filled Laura's aquarium and went to the pet store to get her some plants.
After that we headed to a hamburger place called Stars Hamburgers.
Might not sound so special, but it was and here's why: 
The creator of Spongebob Squarepants went to Humboldt State University and apparently the inspiration for Krusty Krabs is from that restaurant.
Of course we had to try it out.
To be honest I cannot say that the outside or the inside reminded me very much of the Krusty Krab
But the burgers were really good.
The patty was amazing, but I could have done with a bit more dressing.
After the burgers we went to a beach party together with our neighbours.
There were so many people there, someone said a number of 300 - and even if it was less there were still so many there.
The cops later came and closed the party down.
We were perfectly good and did not get into any trouble, but I will leave the details out :)
After that we went for drive through Taco Bell and I was absolutely loving life.
We also saw some raccoons, a mom and her three babies, and I did not think life could get any better.
Our night finished semi-early in the flat, watching some TV together while eating Taco Bell and falling asleep on the couch.
Such a nice little Saturday.
Life is so good here, but it is hard to write about all the moments when you are in the middle of it all the time. 
But massive thanks to all of you who keep coming and checking my blog when it is empty. 
Lots of love! 


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