We went to a place called Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park to see some of the famous tall trees
At 1pm we left with the bus and headed off to the woods.
I brought my big camera with me, but as soon as I arrived I realised I had forgot my memory card at home in my flat. 
Luckily enough, with a bit of strategy - we managed to solve it.
One girl had an SD card adapter, so basically the shape that needs to go into the camera - but without the memory. And another girl gave me her phone memory, so I put them together and got a fully working card for my camera.
I played around a lot with settings in the forest, so none are edited so far - but some have some interesting lighting options and may look a bit weird.
Anyways, it was a brilliant trail and such a nice mini-hike to go on. 
Sometimes when lightning hits these trees they just burn from the inside, but the outside bark protects the trees and keeps them alive even after being burnt. 
This leaves them hollow and great for pictures like the ones below. 

This is what it looks like on the inside (really bad picture) but as you can see it is completely burnt. 

This is the Big Tree and basically the route we were taking, with all the international students posing by it.
It is a really big tree, I do not think you really get how big it is just from the picture - but when looking right at it you realise how big they get.
This one is about 1500 years old.
It is not the biggest tree however, not in the world and not even in that park.
They want to keep some of the biggest ones more hidden and secret so that they get to be safe. 
Either way, I can really say I enjoyed my little journey into the redwoods yesterday.
The first of many. 


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