It has been so difficult to find the time to write.
At any point when I have had the time I have not had the energy.
But I have had a lot of fun these past few days.
So Thursday we did a field trip to Ferndale to go to the local fair that they had going on.
We were there all day and got to try loads of food, watch a horse race and just see what a local fair offered in general
The uni provided us with free admission tickets to the fair and to the horse race
So what did I get up to?
Mostly food.
When you bought coffee you got free sugar donuts
I briefly became a cow
And patted cow babies
And small little goats
They had dairy goat shows where they were leading them around like on a dog show.
Pretty amusing
I bought a local small watermelon, still yet to try it
I tried some peach cobbler, which tasted like a sugary and sweet apple pie but with peaches.
Cuong, one of my neighbours upstairs, won me a little black bear at a shooting stall
The best food, however, was found here.
I did not get a full portion to myself which I now regret a bit because it tasted absolutely amazing.
Alligator and fries. So incredibly good.
Seriously amazing food.
We tried some local honey.
The honey from Loleta was definitely my favourites, and it was so cheap.
Later one we went to the horse races and watched a couple.
We did not have time to stay for the entire thing.
Some of the guys did bet on the horses, I just bet internally with Cuong and lost 5 dollars.
I got a bit surprised at the size of the horses at the first two races, but then I realised that they were mules - i.e. crossed with donkey - so it made a lot more sense to why they looked like they did. 
Anyways, the fair was such a nice visit.
Everything we have done in Humboldt so far has been amazing. 

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