I can definitely say that I have maxed my two days with San Fran spirit. 
What a city and what a visit.

This day has passed so quickly. It is already past 7pm and I just got back to the hostel. I am dying to get in a shower and wash up. It has been 33 degrees today and I have been walking in the sun for most of the day. 
The choice of wearing a grey tank-top was quickly regretted when walking around a lot... 

I woke up quite early and went to pick up breakfast at Walgreens.
Some yoghurt and a smoothie. Dozed off for a bit in my comfy bed and did not really get active before 11.

Chen and I went for brunch when she woke up and had breakfast burritos at some little foodplace.
They were so good, like all my meals I have had here. 

We walked around for a bit but soon we parted and I went over to the Fisherman's Wharf.
I jumped off at Pier 35 and walked all the way up to Fisherman's Wharf while listening to podcasts.
A really peaceful stroll down the harbour. 
Apart from the fact that there were people absolutely everywhere. You could really tell that it was a high-season Saturday with good weather. Almost impossible to get back into the city centre again.
Took more than an hour and 5 trams passed by without a single one stopping because they were so full. 

You could see Alcatraz really clearly from the pier 

My dad had recommended me to go to a cafe called Buena Vista, which in 1886 they served the first Irish Coffee in America. 
I tried it, the original version and recipe they have used since, and it was good but very strong.
Nice experience nevertheless.

I then walked up another mile-long uphill street to get to Lombard street.
Lombard Street has this one street called the Crookedest Street (are you getting tired of the word street?).

It is called that because it has so many bends, and loads of cars go there just to say they have driven through it.
It was totally worth the walk up. 

I know the picture is horrible but the sun was so extremely strong and pointing it slightly up without being able to see the screen properly made for bad pics

Time passed extremely quickly. It might not sound like a lot but it takes quite a while when you walk between everything.

I also walked past In-n-Out which is this fast food chain they only have in America.
Look at this picture and tell me you do not want to try this??

Unfortunately, the heat has completely stolen my hunger so I was not able to eat at all when I was there.
Some other time, is what I tell myself. 


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