Good morning
I am currently sitting at a cafe outside the BART station at Powell, waiting to get my train to the airport.
A taxi driver tried to trick me by saying that on Sundays the first train is not until 9.45, which is complete bullshit.
First one leaves at 8.35 - so I have plenty of time to get to the airport.

I'm just chilling for now with a cappuccino, a massive peanutbutter cookie and some jazz music. 
The sunrise in San Francisco this morning made the streets look absolutely gorgeous 

I did not sleep too well last night. 
I think I was a bit excited over Arcata today because I woke up every second hour to check my phone. 
We were four girls in our room last night, although one of them left at 7pm with her bags still in the room and had still not returned when I left at 7am. 
I left a note for the reception as they were not there when I left, got a bit concerned about her since that is a really long time to be away. Even when partying.
And she was travelling alone.
The other two girls staying in my room were so nice. We had a lot of fun chatting in the evening. 
Ting from Singapore and Beatriz from Spain. We did some really funny facemasks that Ting had brought with her. 
I remember that my flatmate from when I first moved to Aberdeen, who also is from Singapore, had something similar.
They were really nice - aloe and cucumber - but they felt so weird.
I am quite excited for today! 
Update to follow when I get to Arcata


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