San Francisco - here I am!
The plane ride took 11 hours but did not feel even nearly as long.
I was seated next to a Norwegian guy named Simon and we chatted for most of the journey.
Shared some music tips, he helped me pick colours for my drawings (I spent almost 5 hours drawing....) and just talked in general.
The little purple spot is due to Simon
I hardly slept at all despite taking a sleeping pill.
Maybe got one hour of broken sleep at best.
Arriving at the airport and through security and customs everything went smoothly.
Everything apart from the fact that the security thought I was absolutely retarded for not having an American bank account.
He asked me how much cash I had and I said 1 dollar.
The security guy just stared at me as if I was joking. I was gonna take out money from an ATM at the airport.
He asked me if that was my plan for the entire journey, given that there are fees for taking out cash - which it actually was and still is - and I really thought he was gonna deny me or send me to interrogation for that.
It turned out not to be necessary and he approved me - so now I am in the US!
While waiting for our luggage Simon got this idea that he wanted to mess with his girlfriend who was waiting for him at the airport.
He wanted me to go up to her and pretend that we were old friends and distract her, so he could run up behind and surprise her.
I really did not want to do it as I realised how much of a weirdo she would think I was.
Going on about how we know each other.
Also the fact that they had not seen each other in three months also added to the idea of how much I would be disturbing their reuniting moment.
We still agreed it would have been such a fun idea...
So of course we had to do it.
I got all these little details from Simon that I was to mention: that her nickname was Allie, her best friends name and that it was through her we met months ago, etc.
So as soon as I come out to arrivals and see her I go up and go: "Omg Allie, how are you? I haven't seen you in ages! How was England?"
And blablabla.
She was so kind and was like a mix of "ohh yeahh" and "sorry, who are you again?"
Simon was pleased with the performance and soon thereafter I left to find my way to the BART-train.


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