This weekend has passed by so quickly.
I had Friday off and it is already Saturday, evening. 
I stayed in bed almost all Friday just because I could. 
Thursday I had my first class with the Lumberjack.
The Lumberjack is a student-run paper but it is available in more cities around Arcata.
It is about local news, not only what happens at HSU.
I will be writing and reporting for it now on a weekly basis - which feels superexciting!
My first piece is going to be an opinion column. 
We also had an international meeting and got to try loads of food
What is funny is that I am the first one from Sweden here at Humboldt now.
So now they will hang one of the Swedish flags among all the other flags they have of countries that have attended HSU
Thursday night we went out to a really nice little place - Blondies
And apart from that, the weekend has just sailed away. I have not done much today, this Saturday apart from clean. 
So now our flat looks amazing and I have almost watched Bron for the 7th time in two years. 


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