Travelling with me means a lot of adrenaline rushes at all times.
This morning I woke up to an email saying that my accommodation booking had been declined and I was once again without anywhere to stay.
Minor adrenaline and cortisol rush. 
I believe some higher power was trying to teach me a lesson about leaving everything to the last minute, because I went in on hostelworld - while knowing there was absolutely nothing available - and someone had cancelled just one single bed for two nights at hostel.
So extremely lucky.
Good price, great location and it is MINE!
Left the house this morning and went to Copenhagen for my flight.
Stopped at Hilton for breakfast, where my dad starts freaking me out with asking whether I need all these things I have not applied for. They were not required given that I have my visa and everything - but again - cortisol levels sky-rocketed. 
Had to say bye to this little shit as well.
He was so not keen on me. He even hid under the bed just so I would not touch him...
Hopefully my pictures along this blog-journey will be in better quality than this one, but I just thought I would show off my fancy looking socks....
They are not very fashionable, but neither is deep vein thrombosis. So. You know. What to choose.
Stella made me feel fabulous, so that makes up for it. 
So now I am sitting with a cappuccino and too much bacon on my plate, waiting for time to pass and for me to head to the airport.
Hopefully I will actually get to enter the USA once I get there.
That I won't lose my passport on the way there or something like that. 
See you guys in multiple hours! 


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