I woke up in the middle of the night at 2am and felt very rested
So I started to walk around the hostel and explore.
It's absolutely huge!!
So much bigger than I first thought
It's called Amsterdam Hostel but must have been an old hotel judging from all the doors with golden numbers on them. 
There are staircases everywhere that just lead you to another floor or to another part of the hostel you would not even think would exist judging from outside of the building
I just found three more floors that I did not know of and a kitchen with some vending machines.
The entire building reminds me very much of the hotel in The Shining, especially now at night. 
I felt so hungry now when I woke up that the vending machines were a very good surprise.
Bought myself some cookies and I am now sitting by the dining table watching adventure time and snacking on them.
Also took a small sleeping pill to help me get back to sleep and into my rhythm. 


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