This day has been long.
I woke up at 5am because my cat was having his regular fight with his arch enemy. 
They wake up the entire neighbourhood between 4am and 6am with their little fight-concert. 
Wasn't able to fall asleep afterwards so I have just been up all day. 
Been loads of packing and getting the last few things I needed from the store.
Had a real nice day with my mom and she gave me a really cute little goodbye gift.

I got a little paint-therapy book with awesome pens. 
The pictures also double as postcards so all of you whose addresses I have - you know what you will be getting from Arcata. 
Forget souvenirs, you guys are getting my art. 
We ended our night with a brilliant dinner, Swedish tapas style. 
Marinated lime white-fish on finnish bread with smetana and red onions. Yum is not even close to enough to describe this. 
We also had crayfish, a Swedish quiche (Västerbottenpaj) and chanterelle-mushroom stew with some different mish-mash sauces made from shrimp. 
This accompanied by my favourite wine made for quite a dinner.
Now I have finished my packing, and finished stressing over it.
I lost my important papers for 10 minutes, which if I would not have found them I would not have been let into the US at all, and during that time all hell was loose. 
I now intend to wind-down with some more wine and a last sauna before leaving Sweden.
Tomorrow at 9am I am leaving for Denmark to take the plane to San Francisco where I will be for a few days.
Still not sure about my accommodation completely. But I am sure things will sort themselves out.
Goodnight everyone! 


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