Welcome to my new little blog. 
I am currently one day away from leaving Sweden and heading first to San Francisco a few days, and then onto Arcata - where I will be living for the next few months.
I am doing an exchange semester from Aberdeen, Scotland and yeah. That is the short summary of what is going on here.
Right now I am living in a minor chaos, both in my head and physically with my packing.
There are things everywhere, which probably by now should be in my bag.. 
I actually still do not have accommodation for two out of the three nights I will be spending in San Francisco, and that is solely because I do not know better than to book accommodation more than one day in advance.
Great job.
Worst case scenario, I will be spending 48 hours at some 24-hour café or something. 
In Swedish there is this word called "travel fever" and it describes the feeling you get when you are nervous or anxious before a trip. I travel quite a lot - if I can say so myself - and usually never really get any big nervous vibes before a trip. But this time it has been an exception.
I have felt a lot more pressure and stress over loads of things: visa, flight tickets, accommodation, getting everything sorted for only a few months away but enough for you to want to bring more than one pair of underwear.
Those kind of things. 
If you are reading this I guess you want to see what I will be doing for the next few months.
Or maybe not. But welcome anyways.
I aim to entertain. 


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